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Rapture Date: JUNE 2017 


Why the most likely

date for the Rapture is between:

Jerusalem's 50th anniversary in 2017 and 

       Israel's 70th anniversary in 2018.

Jesus said that the 'Last Generation' would

be the generation that would see Israel 

become  nation.  That happened in 1948.

Fine tuning that, Jesus also said that when 

Jerusalem was owned again by the Jews

the 'times of the gentiles' was over.

That happened in 1967.

So we have really 2 prophecies giving us a 

general timeframe (last generation) and 

then showing us a specific time to really

be paying attention.

Why specifically mention Jerusalem if he already

told us that we are in the 'last generation'?

Perhaps to give us an even closer point to use to 

evaluate a re-occuring Biblical event?

The re-occuring event is that on the 50th day after

Passover, Moses was given the Law.

This re-occured when Jesus died on Passover and after 

50 days the the Holy Spirit was poured out (Pentecost).

Is the 50th year (2017) after Jerusalem was suddenly 

owned by Israel representative of the time of a new 

Spiritual Age coming in?

Did Jesus tell us about Jerusalem so that we could use that 

same number 50, - 50 years this time because if the times

of the gentiles are over it goes back to the time unit (years)

used in the O.T. time allocation to Israel in Daniel 9:25-27.

Interestingly, that prophecy has both a 50 & 70 year aspect.

So as we approach both 50 & 70th anniversaries, should we 

consider that Jesus was really telling us a time to 'watch'?

Jerusalem's 50th anniversary in 2017 is a 

'Jubilee' year when jewish people would get back 

their original possessions.  In this case on

the 50th year many will become the instruments

of evangelism that they did not want to be 

when they rejected Jesus. 

Likewise at that time the gentile church will be 

removed (raptured) so that the last 7 years

in the prophecy in Daniel 9:25-27can be fulfilled.  

Then Jesus will return to begin a 1,000 year

It is interesting that these two very important

anniversaries come this close together.

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(Most Importantly before getting back to the rapture date:)

Jesus said that there will be no PROPHETS

after John the Baptist.

Luke 16:16 - "The law and the prophets were
John:"  Jesus said that so that no one

or any later religion could say that he (Jesus) was

a prophet and not the Son of God !  If Jesus'

message was corrupted then we have to ask,

is it not a weak god that would send a message

but could not keep the message intact?

Back to some additional discussion of where we are in God's timeframe.

Look at the description of the feet of the statue in Daniel Ch 2.
It is a sudden destruction (Jesus being the stone that strikes the feet at the 
Rapture), that would be the "snare" in Luke 21:35.  
The verse following Luke 21:35 says "be ACCOUNTED WORTHY to 
ESCAPE these things that shall come to pass" (the Tribulation). 
The feet would be the 7th (short) world empire from Revelation 17. 
The quick destruction of the feet (America?) would precede the 8th (antichrist) World Empire. 
So we obviously want to be out of here before the Ten leaders(toes) give
support the worldwide 'Beast' empire. 
I believe that the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem that Jesus mentions is given to show 
the time of the Rapture - see the free book to see why there is confusion on 
Mt 24:36 (which seems to say that no man knows the day or hour of  Jesus' coming"'as a thief"). 

The rapture / Last days timing could be: 
2015 - 2016 Shia Muslims (Iran, Syria, Turkey) with Russia & possibly Germany will 
grow in intent to destroy America and Israel. 
2017 (June) The Rapture will precede America's destruction in a surprise nuclear or terrorist

attack or Meteor storm.  The 144,000 witnesses will be sealed. 
Land armies approach Israel but are destroyed suddenly at God's intervention (the Ez 38 scenario). 
2017 - 2018 With America out of the picture and 5/6 of the armies of the above group of attackers 
destroyed, Israel will feel more secure and willing to make a treaty for 7 years with the 8th world 
empire (the "Beast" Empire) for protection. 
This begins the Tribulation, it is possible that the antichrist claims that he is responsible 
for the saving of Israel from the attempted attack. 
2018 Israel will rebuild the temple for her 70th anniversary. 
2018-2025 The tribulation will take the toll on all the earth and 1/3 of the Jewish believers 
will make it through into the Millennium (Zec 13:9). Others will live but Jerusalem will be 
the ruling city of all the earth and at the end of the 1,000 years the population alive on 
the earth will be tested as to Faith.


1.  Jesus is very clear that Jerusalem 

being owned again by the Jews is the 

END of the  Gentile times.  

That happened in 1967.

(Luke 21:24). Why did Jesus mention

Jerusalem specifically and not Israel?


2.  Symbolically the number 50
relates to Pentecost, and a New Age came

in at that time when the disciples were

filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Remember, Jesus died on the same day as the

original Passover when the firstborn Sons of

Egypt were killed by God to convence

Pharoah to let Israel go. 

The 50th day after the original Passover

was the same day Moses got the Law from God,

which brought in a new Age also, the Age of the

10 Commandments or Law. 

So in both cases the number 50 represents a new

'Age' coming in.  The new Age on Jerusalems 50th

anniversary in 2017 will be the 144,000 Jews being

sealed by God...

after Christians are taken out in the rapture.


3.  Jesus said in Mt 24:34 that the 'generation'

that is alive when the symbolic 'Fig Tree'

(Israel) is planted and begins to put forth

branches (like the re-taking of Jerusalem in 1967)

will be the 'generation that will see His return

to setup his Kingdom.

So when Israel was re-setablished in 1948

that 'last generation' began.  How long

do you suppose a generation is? 

70 - 80 years according to Psalms 90:10.

(Matthew 24:34)


I believe this is the most Biblically clear

warning by Jesus to prepare the Church

to 'watch' for the rapture.

(Below is another way to look at it).


See how Jesus sums up our entire future in just

4 verses, from the time when Israel owns Jerusalem

again (which happened in 1967), until he returns -

read Luke 21:24 - 27.

He said there will be "Signs in the skies",
"distress of nations",
and "fire and brimstone" destruction!


Jesus called this destruction a "snare", and said

that it will come on all the world (Luke 21:35).

People will be eating and drinking and marrying

as normal when this destruction comes. (Mt 24:38)


Before this fire and brimstone destruction,

God will remove those that believe in Jesus, just like

he saved those on Noah's ark. (called the Rapture)

Jesus talks about that in Matthew 24:37.



    To learn how to be 'taken' and not 'left'?



Pentecost (a Spiritual infilling) was 50 days after
Jesus rose, what will happen
on the 50th year after

Jesus' prophecy that Jerusalem would be owned

again by the Jews?  (Luke 21:24) 

What happens after the rapture?

I won't get into too many details (see the book).. but;

It became amazingly clear as I read Rev chapter 14 in light of the

parable of the laborers (see book), one AGE can't start until

the previous age ends.

Jesus did not start the Church Age in Mt chapter 4 until John the

Baptist was dead. That is why Jesus says in Luke 16:16 that the

Law (the AGE of the Law) was "until John" (until John died).

The next Age (the sealing of the 144,000) can't happen until the

rapture happens.  So when we see the 144,000 in heaven in

at the start of Revelation chapter 14 then we know that this chapter

is beginning in the last 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation. 

What is happening then?  With the antichrist doing supernatural signs

like calling fire down from heaven, making a statue talk etc. God 

responds with supernatural events also... an angel going around the

earth with the Gospel message, another angel with a warning about

not taking the 'mark of the beast'.  Can you imagine how confused 

humanity will be? 

Better to be ready for the Rapture than be here for those events.  


Let's stop and think about where you are in your relationship

with God. 

"For he has clothed me with garments of salvation 
  and arrayed me in a robe of his righteousness" 

                       Isaiah 61:10

Jesus tells us how we can loose out on this unearned Grace:

             "for if ye believe not that I am he,

                    ye shall die in your sins". 

                           Jesus in John 8:24



Notice that Jesus did not say "If you commit sins" you will die in your sins.
Or that, if your Bad Deeds outweigh your Good Works, you will die in your sins.

He said that BELIEF in HIM is the only important thing, and belief in his
payment for our sin and his Authority actually becomes our righteousness
in the sight of God.


When He returns you NEED to be ready:

                     REVELATION 1:16 & 18

" And he had in his right hand seven stars:

and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword:

and his countenance was as the sun shineth
in his strength.
I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold,

I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of
hell and of death".

You can be changed and have God's Spirit in you if you

just say "Jesus I believe that you are the Son of God,

that you paid for my sins on the cross allowing me to

come into Gods presence with you, and I will trust in

your word to lead me to a greater relationship with you".


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