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CARD Download page

CARD Download Page

To Print Cards. 
Use Card Stock paper (labeled 110 lb weight) available at Walmart.
One sheet will Print 10 cards per 1 sheet side (x 2 sides for some cards)

These cards can be modified!  Create YOUR message after downloading.

I have passed out many of these and when offered are seldom rejected!
These cards can offer hope each time they are read
and are small enough to keep secret.  

This may be the best way to spread the Gospel.
Can be left at Bus stops, restaurants, park recreation pavilions
airports, hotel rooms, locker rooms, stores, Laundromats, Auto service
stores, just toss one any place with a table that has magazines! 

*** Easy To Print:

1 Page will have 10 Cards with the same card message on one side, a double
sided card will have 10 related message on the other side

Download by right clicking on the card icon Below the Card Description
and 'Open Link in New Tab'

The File Directory pane will open, with a file name starting with 'HIP' 
...(ex) HIP Rapture youtube videos.doc' in the name box, you can change that to what you want.
Select a directory to save it into and 
remember that name.  
Click 'Save'.  
The document will be in that directory when you go into there.
(sometimes you have to change the bottom of the directory sub screen from 
'custom' to 'All files' to see all the files in the directory')

Then the file name will appear at the bottom of your current screen and 
you can click
on this to open the card for immediate printing
  Set your printer for 'color' if you want 
to print it as a color business card.
For cutting: Use the flag sidelines and top as a guide
and square a standard business size card over the cuts for bottom and far side sizing.
Churches will generally let you use their table cutters or a ruler and exacto knife works. 

INSTRUCTIONS for single sided vs double sided cards.

Single sided - Just download, and print!
Ask your church if you can cut on their board cutter.
Note the flag graphics and adjust text for your taste for sizing, 

Packets (cards that have 10 different card messages on a side)

Print the Card Side 1.
When Side 1 is done printing, pick up the end of the paper as it came out
of the printer, flip it over endways to the blank side and put it back in the 
printer then print Side 2 of the card.  

To Cut on your church table cutter:
Use the FLAG edges as guides to where to cut, figure out your own routine.

To Order and Staple Packet:
Simply start with Card 1 on top then cards 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19. 
Tap the deck to even up and staple as close to the top left edge as you
can and still insure that they will stay together.

As long as the Flag placement and numbering is kept the same you can
change them on the Word document to add your message.

The Woman in Revelation 12

Amazing videos need to be shared for those who want to work in Gods kingdom.
This card will interest and point others to a September 2017 celestial event that is probably 
the most likely date for the rapture.  Everyone wants to know about the future and this will

get them started.  The card below this one will go into more detail of a NEW Video and can be 
printed as the backside to this, or this card can be left blank on the backside to write church
names, phone numbers etc.   The website on the card lists all the videos and summarizes the aspect
of the revelation 12 prophecy so direct people there also - thanks!

Download (HIP) Rapture youtube videos 4 (1).doc

Date of the rapture video.

To be used as the backside to the card above. Probably best not used as a standalone card.
The card below is still useful as a standalone.

Download (HIP) Rapture youtube videos 4 (2).doc

Revelation 12 Celestial alignment in September 2017.

Single sided. Gives Youtube video names "Gods roadmap to the end 23 September, 2017" (Start Part one @ 19 minutes in, Part 2 at 24 minutes in) - this shows the constellation alignment in September 2017 that matches Revelation chapter 12 then  'Rapture datewatch June 2017 Rapture' ( Spiritual Ages/Passover videos) - they show patterns pointing to Passover (April 10 (Jewish) -April 16 (Christian) as a possible Rapture timeframe and Pentecost (June 4, 2017) as a likely date for the sealing of the 144,000.  Download by right clicking on the card icon  Below the Card Description  and 'Open Link in New Tab'. 
A small 'File Directory' window will open, '(HIP) Rapture youtube videos.doc' will be in the Name line, you can change this to any name you want.  Make sure the top line points to a directory in your PC that you can remember. 
It will save the template and should remain on the bottom of your screen if you want to click on it now to read and print immediately.

Download (HIP) Rapture youtube videos 4.doc

Cultural Philosophy S1

Download (HIP)Single Card (Inspired) S1(Correct Sizing).doc

Cultural Philosophy S2

Download (HIP)Single Card (Inspired) S2(Correct Sizing).doc

Murder S1

Download (HIP)Single Card (Murder) S1(Correct Sizing).doc

Murder S2

Download (HIP)Single Card (Murder) S2(Correct Sizing).doc

Packet S1

Download (HIP)Main Witness Packet S1(correct sizing).doc

Packet S2

Download (HIP)Main Witness Packet S2(correct sizing).doc

You Can Change S1

Download (HIP)Single Card (You Can change) S1(Correct Sizing).doc

You Can Change S2

Download (HIP)Single Card (You Can change) S2(Correct Sizing).doc