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Thread of the Rapture

Thread of the Rapture.


Woven throughout the Bible are many truths that have to be revealed.

Jesus says that the parables contain “secrets” that have been hidden

since the foundation of the world (Mt 13:35).

The parable of the Laborers in Mt 20 has the secret that I believe

gives us the key to the Rapture.  You and I know the standard ‘revelation’

about this parable, that people can come to Christ at any time in their

lives and be accepted, but didn’t the thief on the cross next to Jesus show

us that more clearly, and with just one example.  Why did the owner go out

5 times instead of 3 (child, adult and old age), or 7 for every decade.

No, this is a parable about the entire “kingdom of heaven” meaning it has

greater depth than at the individual level of being able to be saved at any

age in life. 

The real depth is that it is about 5 Ages of different types of works done by

workers that go into the kingdom. 

The Ages are the Creation, Covenant, Church, Consecration and Chosen Ages. 

More about that is in the free books.

But to align those Ages to more meaning related to the Rapture we need to

associate them with what Jesus says about the ending of the Covenant Age

and the Start of the Church Age.

Jesus said that the death of John the Baptist would mark the end of both

the “Law” and the “Prophets” and that would end the Covenant Age. 

Jesus said that John the Baptist would be the greatest in the group of

workers of that Age but less than the least in the next

Age; the Church Age (Mt 11;11 & Luke 16:16). 

Jesus said that, because he knew that those after his death would

be filled with the Holy Spirit (because He was) and that is a better

relationship with  God than being under the Law. 

So we can see clearly Jesus giving us the Ending of one Age and the Start of another. 


The parable of the Laborers helps us to see those verses about John in their context.


The third aspect to seeing the Rapture more Clearly is applying what

Jesus said about Jerusalem being owned again by the Jews in the context of the 5 Ages.


In Luke 21:24 Jesus talks about Jerusalem being owned again by the Jews

(remember, it was owned by the Romans in Jesus’ time). 

He said that when Jerusalem was owned again by the Jews

the “times of the Gentiles were fulfilled”.


So then, we are not under Gentile times right now, we are under timings for the Jews.

Where do we find those timings?  In the 70 Weeks prophecy given to Daniel

in Daniel 9:24 – 27. 

Since Jesus gave John as a sign for the end of the Covenant Age,

does he give us another sign in Jerusalem being owned again by the Jews as a sign

of the Ending of the Church Age?  I believe so. 


In the 70 Weeks prophecy there is a 50 year period (it is actually the last

second of the 365th day of the 49th year (don’t get into a 360 day year, pulease..).

Most Bible teachers believe that this 50 year period has already happened.

I don’t believe that it has.


I believe that Jesus wants us to know the end of the age, to know when

the rapture is going to happen or he would not have said ‘watch’ so many times.  See book.


I believe that the 50 years come after Jerusalem is owned again by the Jews.

That happened in 1967, so the last day of the 49th year would be June 6th or 7th 2017.

What happens then?  The next Age comes in from Revelation chapter 7 where

144,000 Jews are Chosen and sealed by God (that is a better thing than even being

filled with the Holy Spirit in the Church Age). 

The parable of  the Laborers even supports this when it says that many are

Called (the workers from the first 4 Ages) and that

few are ‘Chosen’ (the few being the 144k) Sealed by God after the

Church is Raptured out. (See Mt 20:16 & Mt 22:14 for the context).


The point is, there is no problem in pointing out the possibility of a 2017 Rapture

based on wanting to look more deeply into what Jesus says.

And then to start preparing like like you are really shooting at a date.

This has helped me to "put off" a lot of (sin) things in my life because i am

pretty sure that this date is going to come and bring with it big implications. 


You have to look through the book to understand the bigger picture and

the arguments that are made against picking a date (, yes, I know Mt 24:36 also…).

But I am very excited about something that is clearly Biblically arguable,

so that if the rapture does not come before then, well hey,

might as well go with that (tongue in cheek).


Go with God - Gary.