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Session Topics

Session Topics


Jesus reveals them, should we talk about them?

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The Preponderance of Scriptural Evidence specifically timing future events.

Bible Reference and Topic Points:

1. God Planned ALL things:

    Moses predicting the Church (Numbers 11:26)

    God creates Satan, knowing the outcome (Romans 9:22-23)

2. God has Specific Timings:

    Specific events of Mt 3 – 4 are listed in a specific order for the reason of

                  showing a transition out the Covenant Age 

    Jesus could not start preaching until John the Baptist had stopped.

    God’s exact timing & prophecy is such that Jesus had to Preach before…

    Each of the 5 Ages in the parable of the Laborers is superior to the previous Age. 

3. DNA of Jesus:

    Who He would be.  Spirit filled at Birth, how He would look at every…

    Did Jesus have a belly button?

    Explain Isaiah 57:15.  What the Wedding in Cana proved.

4. Separations of the Coming of Jesus: 

    Phrase usage of “Son of man coming” vs. “coming of the Son of Man”.

    Timing in relationship to ‘not knowing the day or hour’ (Mt 24:36).

    Examples of physical separations of the Millennial vs. Rapture coming.

5. Parable of the Laborers:

    Parable reveals Five Ages.  Name and qualities of each Age.

    The Spiritual Superiority of each Age over the previous Age.

    Where each Age fits in the Millennium.

6. Matthew 24, Rapture Discussion:

    Explain 10 Virgins, what “they all slumbered and slept” means.

    The snare that comes on all the earth.

    Why 5 Virgins did not go to the wedding feast.

    3 things Jesus says we must be doing to go to heaven.

    Explanation of being “born again”.     

    Salvation Invitation.                                                   

7. America in the Bible:

    Is America - “a nation”.

    Rev 17:10 – 8 Empires,

    Rev 18 – Candle, Voice, Light & Buying nation, destruction of America?

    Surrounding world events at this time.  World scenarios.

8. Does God want us to know the date of the Rapture?

    “Son of man coming”; “Watch”.

    Rev 19:7.

9. Most Biblically feasible Date for the rapture:

    Two upcoming anniversaries.

    Daniels prophecy rightly divided.

    The number 50 – a new Pentecost.

10. Bearing Fruit.

      How to witness using business sized cards that you create.

      Talking to people as Jesus did to the woman at the well.

      Not being ashmed of the Gospel due to it's documentation.


    Overlaying Matthew, Luke and Mark time periods for Prophetic use.

    Last Days time frame fits the Noah scenario.

    Divisions of the book of Revelation - multiple repetitions and order.