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Six Days War

Six Days in June


There is an excellent documentary, probably at your Library, that is instrumental
in seeing that God is perfectly able to fulfill his plans.

"Six Days in June" (well worth the purchase price if still available) shows how God
brought Jerusalem under the control of Israel against great odds, in the time frame of
Luke 21:24 and Matthew 24:32.  The June 1967 expansion of the 'fig tree' is the only time Israel
has grown in territory, but the expansion of inventions, prosperity and world influence
is also part of that fulfilled prophecy.

Here are the ways I saw God working in this expansion, it might be better if read after viewing the DVD.

It is interesting to see how God worked out an expansion of Israel’s borders this June (2016), 49 years ago when Arab countries united to attack a 19 year old Israel.  
Looking forward to Jerusalem’s 50th Anniversary in June of 2017 and Israel’s 70th Anniversary in May 2018, I believe we will see a time of similar aggression in the next year. 
Don't fear as these events happen, but "watch" and prepare as Revelation 19:7 says "a wife prepares for her husband".
The Bible even says to not forsake assembling ourselves together as we see that day draw near.   (Heb 10:25)

The action of God controlling the events and timing of this expansion, perhaps to give Jerusalem it’s 50th (Jubilee) anniversary just when the Arabs are again rising,
can be seen in this summary of the war that I put together. 
When the most respected man in the country berates it’s leading general causing uncertainty in the current leadership, it’s only God’s hand that can bring victory!


ISRAEL’S 1967 EXPANSION (Fig tree putting forth branches and leaves – Mt 24:32).

Israel in 1967 was untested like in the days of Saul, the first King of Israel.

In 1Samuel Chapter 11 the untested nation was confronted by an enemy, and like Israel in 1967, did not have much time to react, but quickly raised an army that slew the Ammonites until the heat of the day. 

In 1967 Israel did not even have an appointed Defense Minister until 4 Days before they sprung a surprise attack on the United Arab forces. 
The Arab allies had previously committed to an early June attack on Israel, but in an ironic twist, Russia who had lied to get this whole process started back in April,
had told Egypt NOT to begin the war so they were going to delay until June 7th.   
The Egyptian leading general was inspecting the troops in the Sinai when he heard the news of the Israeli air attack that destroyed 90% of the Combined Arab
force airplanes and airfields and virtually won the war before the sirens actually went off.


The three main components of this conflict were:

  1. The lie from Russia that Israel was amassing troops to attack, and then the premature rally for war by Egypt which forced them to keep troop
     building even when it was found out that the Russians had lied. 
    Ironically when the Arabs were ready to attack, Russia held them back allowing Israel to strike first.
  2. In Israel, Prime Minister Levi Eshkol would not commit to war until about 2 weeks before it started. 
    The leading Israeli general Yitzhak Rabin became totally incapacitated by a major psychological depression
     caused by a reprimand from the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion.   
     Then, just a week before the war, Eshkol so severely messed up a radio address that the Israelites clamored for
    Moshe Dayan who was appointed Defense minister only 4 days before Israel’s surprise attack.
  3. The United Nations and America (because of Vietnam) did little to aid Israel.
    The UN on the request of the aggressor, Gamal Abdel Nasser removed the peacekeeping troops from the neutral zone
    in the Sinai WITHOUT consulting the Security Council.
    Later the UN did not insist on Israel giving captured land back, and endorsing the “Land for Peace” policy used today. 

List of Main players in the June 1967’s ‘6 Day War’.

Gamal Abdel Nasser: Egyptian President (secular socialist).  He had led a coup fifteen years prior (1952) overthrowing the King of Egypt – in 1956 Nasser became president.

Abdel Amer assisted Nasser in the coup and became the General of the armed forces.

David Ben-Gurion: Israel’s 1st Prime Minister (1948).  

Levi Eshkol: Israel’s Prime Minister and Defense Minister in 1967 as the conflict begins. 

Yitzhak Rabin: Leading Israeli General at the start of aggression but later became a staff General along with Ariel Sharon when Moshe Dayan became Defense Minister.

Moshe Dayan:  General during Israel’s previous wars and one of the most well known people in Israel.  Became Defense Minister 4 days before the first strike attack on the massed Arabian forces.



There were at least 18 surprising events (some could be called Miracles) in the setting up of this move by God to re-establish Jerusalem in His time frame,
as Jesus prophesied in Luke 21:24 and Mt 24:32 that there would be an expansion of Israel and that Jerusalem would be totally controlled by the Jews. it would be.

Here are just some of them: 

Event 1.  God prepares to get Jerusalem back.

Late in April 1967, Russian Victor Simenov (Middle East commissar)  based on no real documentation but KGB sources tells Anwar Sadat (Egypt – speaker of parliament)
then in May, Sadat tells president Gamal Abdel Nasser, that Israeli troops are massing on the Syrian border.

In reality at this time Israel had no troops called up for any type of aggression, training or defensive preparation. 

Event 2.  God deludes Egyptian General Amer to think that coordination of multiple armies for victory is a task he is prepared for.

Amer claims that if he is in charge of all the Arab troops, he can wipe Israel out in 6 hours.

Event 3.  God delays Israel – He is going to set the events in place to win this war.

Levi Eshkol, combination Israeli P.M. and Defense Minister does not want to fight or address the aggression in any real fashion, for fear of being seen as the aggressor.

Event 4.   God had already had Egypt commit  it’s best troops.

Egypt has 60,000 trained troops in Yemen fighting for Socialist revolution there.

Egypt begins training farmers and workers early in May 1967.

Event 5.  God puts the power of all Arabian troops in the hands of a prideful General.

Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt combine armies under  control of Egyptian General Amer.  Jordan’s Hashemite King Hussein, who
disagreed with the creation of the PLO (for fear of  a Nasser attempt at taking over Jordan) in 1964, had arrested PLO operatives in Old Jerusalem, enters the coalition on May 30.

Event 6.  God allows Egypts leaders to excite the masses.

Arab TV and radio makes this war about wiping out Israel, not defending itself and said “the time has come to enter into a battle of annihilation”.

Event 7.  God reveals the truth, but mans evil desires ignore the truth.

Nasser and Amer, 12 hours after mobilizing the troops for war are informed that Russia had lied about the Israeli troop build up. 
Nasser makes the decision to proceed with the attack even after being informed that Russia had lied about the initial threat.

Event 8.  God limits Israel’s response.

May 18 – Israeli P.M. Eshkol will only authorize calling up 1 tank brigade,  No reserves.

Event 9.  God prepares Israeli army for a leadership change.   

General Yitzhak Rabin meets with Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion who reprimands him and says that he will be personally responsible for the doom of Israel
Rabin is devastated and falls into a depression, hearing voices and gunfire when there is none.  Rabin remains less than functional and is moved aside later.

Event 10.  God holds the aggressors.

May 17, 1967.  100,000 combined Arabian forces are on the border in Sinai with only 2,000 UN Peacekeepers separating them from Israel’s territories.

Event 11.  God removes the obstacles to war.

After the build up is complete, Abdel Nasser requests UN secretary General U Thant to remove the UN troops at the border.  U Thant complies, violating protocol, without checking with the Un Security Council.

Event 12.   God let his enemies think they are in control.

Egypt plans their surprise attack 5 days in advance, to fall early in June 1967.

Event 13.  God has a sense of humor.

Russia who started this whole process and provides military equipment to the Arab league, tells them NOT to begin the aggression.  General Amer begins to visit troop sites.

Event 14.  God raises Jewish awareness.

A song “Jerusalem, city of Gold” is played almost continually and rouses the public desire to get back the Holy City
All reports of looming war are suppressed as are all details after the conflict begins until victory is obtained.

Event 15.  God put his man for the hour in charge.

Levi Eshkol had called up the troops the previous week but addresses the nation on radio but asks his advisors some questions while talking and
stammers over a the selection of some wording.  Israelites hearing him become fearful and when Eshkol attends a military strategy meeting that evening the people
have raised such a clamor that the generals force Eshkol to concede to appoint a Defense Minister, the people want retired General Moshe Dayan, hero of previous wars as their leader.

Event 16.  God gives wisdom.

With just four days before initiating a first strike and with a Sabbath in there also, in an era of Vietnam guerrilla type fighting, Israel realizes that the key to
winning this conflict is preventing any Arab League Russian jet fighters from getting off the ground. 

The plan is for all Israeli planes to strike on Monday morning just at breakfast time.  Egypt then Syria and Jordan are all caught off guard, with the leaders
in the field with the troops while in 6 hours almost all the 280 Arab planes and airstrips are destroyed. 

Event 17.  God is universally powerful.

The air strike begins at 7:50 am on Monday June 5th (on the same days as will fall in 2017) followed by tank and troop advances in the Sinai. 
Because Israel had been practicing this exact battle plan for eight years there was a centralized command and overlapping command structure. 
Due to the haste of the Russian lie to Egypt, and confidence in their air force there was little central control and not much of a backup for the command structure,
resuting in losses being magnified and confidence failing. Uncertianity in leadership led to massive retreats. 
Arab land losses in the area surrounding Israel were huge, giving Israel two thirds more land than it originally had.

In Just 2 days, troop fighting was in Jerusalem and on the 3rd day Moshe Dayan and the generals entered Jerusalem by the Lions gate and were able to access the temple mount and wailing wall. 

Event 18.  God calms the storm.

All the Events together had unnerved Russia and the Arab allies, who with embarrassment just wanted closure. 
President Johnson said no withdrawals from land taken and Russia pushed Nasser to not fight to have Israel restore the land or cities taken. 
At that time the concept of giving back land a little at a time as an enticement for ‘true peace’ became the policy (land for peace) in the Middle east.  


Post Script:

In the epistles, every time Jesus mentioned a sudden coming or coming as a thief he said to “watch”.

We have the 2 Witnesses of prophecy (Mt 24:32 & Luke 21:24)  from Jesus timing Jerusalem as being in the hands of Israel as the
one true sign of the Last Days (“this generation shall not pass away” & “times of the Gentiles be fulfilled”). 

Could we not see the 50th Anniversary of Jerusalem as possibly being the Biblically most important time to be “watching”?

One person is not a deciding factor with God, He performs his own will, we who serve him get the pleasure of watching Him demonstrate His Glory!